‌Guidance for managers

Managers should consider requests for additional leave fairly and consistently.  Managers should consider the requirements and key objectives of the role held by the staff member, and whether the additional leave may impact on the ability to deliver those requirements and objectives.

The specific arrangements will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis.  

It may be appropriate to consider adjustments to timescales or workload where specific pre-determined objectives are deemed to be achievable as a result of a request for additional leave being approved.  Managers should consider whether such a delay or adjustment is practical for the department.

If, after due consideration, a request has to be turned down, the reasons for doing so should be given to the member of staff.

The staff member is responsible for submitting their approved application to the Pay and Benefits team by either 30 November or 31 May depending on the period that the annual leave is being purchased.  Any applications received after these dates will not be processed.

Purchase of Additional Leave - Managers Guidance