Funding of training requests

Where an employee’s request is accepted, in full or in part, the University does not have to pay for training, but may choose to do so. Similarly, the University does not have to agree to the employee being paid for the time spent training. For example, the manager may agree with the employee that they will work flexibly to make up the time spent training, or that they will take unpaid time off to train. (Although the manager should check with their HR Business Partner that the proposed arrangement complies with the National Minimum Wage and Working Time Regulations).

However, managers are reminded that the University aims to ‘develop a highly trained, well motivated workforce with the mix of skills and experience required to deliver the core strategic aims of the Institution’ and to ‘create an environment which enables all members of staff to maximize their contribution to the enhancement of the organisation’s goals). Requests for training should be considered in the context of the University’s Learning and Development Policy and the strategic aims of the University, as well as the business plans of the employing College or Service.

See Financial support for external learning.