Emeritus Professors

In recognition of distinguished service to the University of Exeter, the title of Emeritus Professor may be conferred on a Professor of the University at or after retirement.

Retiring Professors do not apply for Emeritus Professor status and the agreement by the Senate and Council is not required. Emeritus Professor status will normally be conferred on retiring Professors at retirement unless the PVC has reason to recommend otherwise.

All retiring Professors who are granted Emeritus Professor status will receive confirmation from the University's Director of Human Resources.

On ceremonial occasions Emeritus Professors shall rank in precedence before Professors.

The title Emeritus Professor will allow the retiring professor to maintain their IT and Library access but it does not confer any rights to an office or desk space.

Emeritus Professor status does not confer any entitlement to serve on any University Body or to exercise any administrative or executive function.

There are no expectations of work placed on Emeritus Professors. The title is purely honorary. Some Emeritus Professors choose to remain involved in the University's development on a voluntary basis.

Emeritus status does not prevent a Professor being paid for any occasional work they are requested to do by their College. (Any payment would be paid through the eClaims system at an agreed hourly rate.)

Emeritus Professors should use the title "Emeritus Professors" in any correspondence or website or other forms of communications so that the audience is clear that their association with the University is honorary.

Emeritus Professors should exercise care in their use of the title of Emeritus Professor when making public statements since they are not authorised to speak on behalf of the University.