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Login to Trent HR Trent self service userguide (PDF)
If you have a problem

Please raise an enquiry via SIDHR and select one of the 'HR Systems' categories.

iTrent HR College and Service users

Midland Trent HR allows authorised users to view and/or edit information stored on the iTrent system about University staff. The level of access for each iTrent HR user is controlled by the role they have been assigned. Users can have multiple roles.

There are a number of iTrent HR roles for managers and administrators in Colleges and Services

  • College/Service Manager
  • People Manager
  • College/Service Finance Officer
  • Sickness Information Coordinator
  • Annual Leave Administrator

Please note that users are currently only able to access this system using PCs that are part of the University’s network or connected through VPN.

 Suitable for:Gives access to:Level of access*BenefitsLink to Online User Guide
Navigational Hints & Tips All users N/A N/A

Basic hints and tips on navigation of iTrent.

A demo video is available.  The sound quality is not great but will be updated as soon as possible.

 iTrent Electric Hints & Tips

Demo video

College/Service Manager Head of College or Service or other senior manager or administrator Person, position and payroll-related information Organisation structure Gives users access to a range of information about all staff in their College or Service Use generic guide
People Manager Any staff with line management responsibilities Person and position-related information. Also allows user to authorise annual leave requests for staff. Management structure Gives line managers access to key information for all staff who directly or indirectly report to them. iTrent People Manager User Guide
College/Service Finance Officer Finance Officer (or other central administrator) within a College or Service Payroll and position-related information Organisation structure Gives users access to a range of position and payroll information about all staff in their College or Service. Use generic guide
Accounts/Research Teams Any finance or research staff who are required to change salary cost codes Payroll and position-related information Organisation structure

Gives users access to a range of position and payroll information about staff along with the ability to change salary cost codes.

User guide for changing cost codes
Sickness Information Coordinator Central administrator responsible for monitoring and reporting sickness absence Sickness absence and medical certificate records, plus limited position-related information. Organisation structure
  • Administrators will no longer need to submit weekly sickness absence returns to Human Resources. There will be a shorter delay between a period of sickness absence being reported and it being recorded.
  • Colleges/Services won't need to take photocopies as original documents will be retained in-house.
  • Data will only need to be recorded once, lowering the risk of any data inconsistencies.
Sickness Recording
Annual Leave Administrator Central administrator within a College or Service that is using Self Service Annual Leave to record annual leave Annual leave bookings and entitlement, plus limited position-related information Organisation structure
  • The system automatically calculates the duration of an annual leave bookings (including any bank holidays or university closure days).
  • Allows the Administrator to amend leave entitlement to take into account carried forward or banked leave, TOIL arrangements, etc.
iTrent Annual Leave Administrator User Guide

Level of access

  • Organisation structure: User is able to see information about all staff within a specific unit irrespective of the line-reporting relationship. Access is normally provided at a College or Service level, but access can also be provided to information about staff in a specific department or team if it exists as a separate unit on Trent.
  • Management structure: User is able to see information about all staff for whom they are directly or indirectly listed on Trent as the Reporting Manager. Trent only has one “Reporting Manager” per position. This field is already used for automatically generated email notifications regarding probation and fixed term contracts as well as People Manager access

Registering as a Trent HR College/Service user

For data protection and security reasons, authorised users can only be granted access to information about other employees if:

  • There is a genuine business need for them to access this information
  • They understand and agree to comply with Data Protection legislation and the University's IT regulations
  • Their application for access to Trent HR is authorised by Human Resources.

In order to request access to the Trent HR system, please log on to SID select "HR Systems - iTrent - New access request" fill out the form and submit.