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Login to Trent HR Trent self service userguide (PDF)
If you have a problem

Please raise an enquiry via SIDHR and select one of the 'HR Systems' categories.

Trent HR core users

Midland Trent HR allows authorised users to view and/or edit information stored on the Trent system about University staff. The level of access for each Trent HR user is controlled by the role they have been assigned. Users can have multiple roles.

There are a number of roles set up for 'core' users. These are primarily for staff in Human Resources or Finance Services who need access to the Trent system in order to carry out their specific duties.

These include:

Human Resources

  • Learning Event Manager
  • Occupational Health
  • Human Resources Administration Team
  • Payroll
  • Pensions
  • HR Business Partner / Manager / Advisor
  • Recruitment Team
  • Temporary Staff Bank team member

Finance Services

  • Accounting (including Research Accounting)
  • Payments (i.e. Accounts Payable)

Colleges & Services

  • Learning Event User

Please note that users are currently only able to access this system using PCs that are part of the University’s network; attempts to access Trent HR from outside the University will be denied.

Registering as a Trent HR Core User

For data protection and security reasons, authorised users can only be granted access to information about other employees if:

  • There is a genuine business need for them to access this information
  • They understand and agree to comply with Data Protection legislation and the University's IT regulations
  • Their application for access to Trent HR is authorised by Human Resources.

In order to request access to the Trent HR system, please download a registration form.