Trent Self Service ePayslips

The University is now making payslips available in PDF format through Trent Self Service.

Every year, 30,000 sheets of paper are used up printing our payslips. We’re going to save these resources by moving to online payslips in 2014. From February 2014, all University employees will receive online ePayslips, which you can access anytime and from any computer using the Trent self service system.

If the printed payslip is important to you, you can continue receiving them however all University staff are encouraged to switch from printed payslips to ePayslips. ePayslips will contribute to the University’s sustainability agenda and deliver financial savings. Please think of the environment before switching back to printed payslips.

For instructions on how to , go to 

Read the  (PDF) for instructions on how to:

  • log in to Trent Self Service
  • view your ePayslip in Trent Self Service and print your ePayslip -  (If you choose to print your ePayslip, you should take care to protect the confidentiality of your data.)
  • switch back to receiving a printed payslip,

If you have any difficulties, you should contact the IT Helpdesk:

If you have any feedback on the instructions for use please email