Ordinary paternity leave is up to two weeks' leave.

Leave and pay


Ordinary Paternity/ Maternity support leave is up to two weeks' leave and has to be taken in one block as per statutory requirements.

You can take your leave:

  • from the date of the child's birth/placement, or
  • from a chosen number of days or weeks after the date of the child's birth or placement, up to 56 days after the birth or placement of your child. The leave must be completed by day 56.


If you qualify for Ordinary Paternity/Maternity support leave you will be eligible for up to two weeks paid leave. You will receive your normal weekly pay for both weeks of Ordinary Paternity/Maternity support leave, which includes your Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) entitlement. 

If your average weekly wage is below the Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) you do not qualify for SPP. You may be able to get Income Support while on ordinary paternity/maternity support leave and further information is available from your local Jobcentre Plus office or Social Security office.