Contact the Human Resources Advisor team and your line manager as soon as you know you are pregnant or trying for a baby if you work in a high risk area.

Working in high risk areas

If you are planning to have a family, or are already pregnant, and work in laboratory or other high risk area (ie where exposure to chemicals, pathogens, radiation, extremes of temperature etc are possible), please refer to the relevant COSHH assessment records: the risk assessment records and all relevant material safety data sheets in the first instance.

We recommend that you notify the Human Resources Advisor team and line manager that you are pregnant (or hope to start a family very soon). Foetal abnormalities associated with exposure to chemicals or toxins generally occur within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy; it is therefore imperative that you inform your line manager and Human Resources as soon as possible, so that an appropriate maternity risk assessment can be undertaken as soon as practicably possible.