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See also the Support staff grading pages for information on HERA and grading posts.

Salaries and oncosts

The University salaries are based on the Framework Agreement implemented in 2006. In these pages you can:

  • download a copy of the University's Salary scales (August 2016 rates)
  • download a copy of the University's Clinical Academic Salary Scales
  • calculate what the salary will be including oncosts
  • find information on allowances 
  • find out information about grading and regrading (HERA)

If you need information on current government or immigration (CoS) rates, please see the statutory rates pages.‌


Oncosts are any additional costs, charges or expenses that will need to be taken into account when budgeting out the cost of a new post or existing staff member. These costs include National Insurance (NI) and Pension charges (where the member of staff is or is likely to be a member of USS or ERBS), as well as costs for annual increments, allowances, equipment, travel/expenses, etc.

For full-time, all year appointments, where oncosts are required for salary costing purposes, it is simplest to refer to the oncost table (2017 rates).

For more complex calculations, such as those that may require allowances, increments, NI/Pension or calculations for part-time appointments, we recommend using the salary oncost calculator.‌


Go to information about allowances which may be paid in addition to your salary in certain circumstances.

Support staff grading

For information about grading, please visit the support staff grading site.