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If you are eligible for an allowance (this will be outlined in your contract of employment), the following provides further information on each kind of allowance.


  • Working a planned and regular cycle of shifts on a long-term basis which alternate in immediate succession or overlap to cover a period of 11 hours or more in 24.
  • Applicable to appointments in grades B and C only.
  • Applicable to certain designated appointments in Campus Services and the Sports Office.
  • This allowance is pensionable.
  • As part of the amendments to Grades B and C introduced in August 2019, the Alternating Shift Allowance was set at £1841 per annum (pro-rata for part-time staff) from 1 August 2019. It will be increased by the same as the general increase to the national payspine agreed annually by JNCHES unless otherwise agreed by the University following consultation with trade unions. 

Split duties

  • Required to work more than one attendance to complete a day’s work where the break is two or more hours.
  • Applicable to appointments in grades B and C only.
  • Applicable to certain working arrangements in Campus Services.
  • This allowance is pensionable.
  • Current rate: 12p per hour for all hours worked [on the day(s) of the split shift]. (Not linked to general increases)

Night work

  • Where there is a requirement by the University for work at night (ie between 10pm and 6am), as part of a planned and regular cycle of shift working, for any hours worked between 10pm and 6am, provided that no other enhanced rate is paid for any part of the time worked.
  • Applicable to appointments in grades B to D only.
  • Applicable to certain night workers and security staff in Campus Services
  • This allowance is pensionable.
  • Rate is one-third of salary for all hours worked between 10pm and 6am.


  • Applicable only to certain designated staff in Property Services, Exeter IT, Communications and Marketing, Biosciences and Camborne School of Mines.
  • Some (but not all) Standby Allowances are pensionable.

First aid

  • Applicable to staff appointed by the University as first aiders, subject to them maintaining the appropriate qualification.
  • It is a requirement that Estate Patrol Officers and Sports Officers (and some other appointments, where stated in the letter of appointment) are qualified first aiders or become qualified within the 6 months of appointment. Consequently, all post holders must have an up to date first aid qualification to be able to properly fulfil all the requirements of their post during hours when they are rostered to be on duty. It is the post holder’s responsibility to arrange training with the Health and Safety Office before their first aid certificate expires. In the event that the first aid certificate is not renewed, the University will expect you to re-qualify within 8 weeks of your first aid certificate expiring. Should the qualification not be obtained within 8 weeks, the University may take steps to terminate the employment. Redeployment to other posts within the University will be considered.
  • This allowance is not pensionable.

Overtime and holiday pay

  • Overtime holiday pay will be paid to all staff who work overtime which is not at a fixed time but when the University requests then the employee must work overtime i.e. those on call out or standby.*  If staff receive one of these allowances then an 'Overtime holiday' payment will be made.  Voluntary overtime will not be included.
  • Staff covered by this would be those who receive a call out/standby allowance (Property Services, Exeter IT, Press Office and any employee contractually required to be on a rota), those who work within the severe weather team or employees who work overtime on a rota basis to care for animals or plants (which is not already classed as guaranteed overtime as this is already included in holiday pay calculations).
  • Holiday overtime will be calculated as: (additional payments over year/total working hours for the year) x hours leave taken (contractual annual leave and Bank Hoiday/Closure); This will be calculated using the HR Trent System in January each year covering the period from the previous January to December and this will automatically be paid with January's salary for anyone eligible for a payment.
  • * allowances included:  Call out miles (other), Call out miles (Property Services), Call out Property Services (Operational), Exeter IT Call out, Severe Weather allowance, Standy by - Resident Duty Managers, Standby Property Services (Operational), Property Services (Operational) - Pensionable.
  • This allowance is not pensionable.

Aeriel Arboricultural Allowance

  • Applicable to qualified and active tree surgeons in Grounds Services.
  • This allowance is pensionable.

Tool and goods carriage

  • Applicable to operational staff in Property Services who are required to use their own vehicles in accordance with the collective agreement between the University and recognised trade unions.
  • This allowance is not pensionable.


  • Applicable in circumstances detailed in the University policy on acting-up payments.
  • This allowance is not pensionable.

Market supplement

  • Where a Market Supplement is approved in accordance with Conditions of Employment.
  • This allowance is pensionable.


  • Only to be used for pensionable recurrent and one-off payments when none of the above apply.


  • Only to be used for non-pensionable recurrent and one-off payments when none of the above apply.


  • Only to be used for one-off payments when none of the above apply.
  • Honoraria are not pensionable.