ePDR system - for Pilot Users only

Thank you for taking part in our Pilot, the ePDR system will be available from 28th July until the end of October.  

Welcome to the University's new online PDR system, You may wish to view our video about the system to familiarise yourself before you start (running time is approximately 7 and a half minutes).

Please log on hereLogin to ePDR

The following user guides are available: 

If you have any queries about the system please contact your local ePDR administrator or the ePDR technical team.

Privacy and security

The ability to access and view records on the system will be governed by the same policy as that which governs paper records.  Forms will be available to Reviewees/Reviewers, line managers (where not the Reviewer eg HoDs) and Heads of Service/Pro Vice Chancellors (and the local ePDR Administrators) - nothing has changed.  The data on the system is hosted via a trusted external supplier which has been put through a rigorous tendering and contracting process including the requirement to provide robust security of data.  The supplier provides a similar service to many UK universities and other public bodies as well as Universities across the world.

Definitions of terms used by the system:

Reviewee Person whose review it is
Reviewer Person undertaking the review.  This will usually be the line manager for Professional Services and Research only staff, or the Academic Lead for E&R and E&S staff
Additional reviewer Person invited by your Reviewer to also input into the review form.  This could be used in a matrix environment or for a supervisor to contribute.  Whilst the Additional Reviewer will have to accept the meeting date on the system they will not need to attend the review meeting in person.
Commenter Person invited to comment on the entire form once it is finalised.  This could be used in a matrix environment or for a senior manager such as a Head of Discipline and/or Pro Vice Chancellor.