Prepare the draft advertisement using the University’s templates. Please ensure the full salary range you wish to appoint to is quoted see recruiting international staff for more information.

If you have specific logos required on the advertisement, please email these to your Human Resources Business Partner in Gif/Jpeg formats (minimum 120 dots per inch).

Consider the most appropriate media for your advertisement (advice can be obtained from the Recruitment Manager). Adverts normally appear on our website, and the Job Centre at no cost. Find out more about advertising costs.

Please note that adverts for cannot exceed a word count of 540 words. You can check your word count in Microsoft Word by highlighting the advert text to be counted (this will include the header information but will not include the advert dates listed at the bottom of the template), click on the 'Tools' tab and select 'Word count'.

Enter the recruitment details on the Recruitment Information tab on the eSR1.

Attach your advertisement to the eSR1 and email an electronic copy to your Human Resources Business Partner.

Advertising costs

Find out more about the cost of advertising and obtain a guide to publications' costs for advertising.

Equality and diversity guidelines

The University’s equal opportunities standards require that appointments are filled through open competition which involves advertising the role. This requirement can be waived under the following circumstances:

  • where an existing member of staff is risk of redundancy
  • temporary lecturer
  • research appointments - where the proposed appointee has been named in the funding application
  • other exceptional circumstances – following trade union consultation.

Adverts should not be written in a way that stereotypes or encourages people to believe that the post is only suitable for certain groups of people. For example, terms such as 'dynamic' or 'energetic' could discourage applicants with disabilities from applying, or could be interpreted as implying that the employer is seeking to attract only younger applicants.

Careful consideration should also be given to which media to use for advertising in order to ensure that applications from some sections of the community are not excluded or limited.

Contact your Human Resources Business Partner for advice if you are in any doubt.

Recruitment schedules

This will be agreed with you by your Human Resources Business Partner.

Summary of timescales

Job description for grading Allow 10 working days from the date of submission to your Human Resources Business Partner to confirmation of grade
Approval of post on SR1 This can vary depending on the complexity of the funding - allow at least 2 weeks
Placement of advertisement on University website If received by the recruitment team by 10am on the Wednesday, adverts will publish on the Friday of that week
Placement of advertisement on external media Timescales vary depending on publication - see below for some examples.
Closing date As a guide, allow 2 weeks between advert publication and closing date for support staff roles, and three weeks for academic roles. For roles that are advertised internally only, in some instances one week may be sufficient. The Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) requires 4 weeks total advertising.
Shortlisting date Allow at least 48 hours between the closing date and shortlisting date to enable your Recruitment Administrator to prepare and distribute copies of the application forms/cvs to panel members.
Interview date Allow at least 7 working days between the date you notify your Recruitment Administrator of who you wish to interview and the date of interviews.
Start date Allow at least 3 weeks between submitting the PD02 to your Recruitment Administrator of your preferred candidate and the provisional start date. This allows for references, medical clearance and other checks to be obtained.

Media deadlines

Contact the Recruitment Manager for deadlines and publication dates.