Advertising costs

The University is a member of UAG (Universities Advertising Group). The site is provided by the Universities Advertising Group (UAG), a consortium of universities, including the University of Exeter. As founder members of this group we are able to receive advertising on this site free of charge. aim to post an advert on their site within 48 hours of receipt. Additional logos or enhancements carry an extra charge.

Purchasing of advertising

Depending on the role it may be necssary to purchase additional advertising to publish your advert on other websites to enhance the number of applications of suitable candidates.  Please discuss with your Recruiter if you wish to explore additonal advertising options. Advertising is purchased centrally through the recruitment team and therefore you'll need to ensure sufficient funding is availble to cover the advertising costs and provide a valid cost code. 

We have an annual subscription with LinkedIn which allows us to publish 11 sponsored adverts at all time. If you think you're position would benefit from being advertised on this platform please talk to your Recruiter