Authorisation to recruit

Before any vacant, new or existing post can be advertised, approval must be obtained from a budget holder. For the majority of posts this is the Pro Vice-Chancellor or a Head of Service/ Assistant Director.   The vacancy will then go through the approval path via the eSR1 system.


  1. If you know exactly what vacancy you need to fill and the details, contact your Recruitment Team  to discuss the various options for sourcing candidates, timelines for the recruitment process and to request that an SR1 be created on the system.
  2. If you need support with the type of vacancy and the details of what you would like to recruit to before starting your recruitment, contact your HRA team.
  3. For new posts and those where the responsibilities/ duties have been significantly amended, speak to your HRA team for the post to be graded in advance, using the HERA job evaluation questionnaire.
  4. Complete the e-SR1 form and submit it for approval - see our User Notes for detailed guidance.
  5. If the proposed appointment is not included in the College/Service budget plan or is a variation, a full explanation should be included within the SR1

Useful sites for completing the financial information section are available as follows:


Once submitted the following will happen:

For externally funded posts: - where the appointment will be wholly financed through external funding, the form will proceed to the Research Finance Cluster to approve the appointment.

For University funded posts:- the form will proceed to Finance and final approval will be made by budget holders within the college/ service.

For mixed funding:- the form will proceed to the relevant Research Finance cluster, then to Finance and then on to the budget holders within the college/ service.

After approval

The e-SR1 will be received by the Recruitment team for action. They will contact you if there are further things to discuss or if there is any missing information, otherwise they will proceed with advertising the post.