Authorisation to recruit

1. Getting started

  • Approval must be obtained before the recruitment process can start.
  • Fixed term and permanent vacancies are approved through the eSR1 system.
  • If you wish to replace temporarily, contact the Temporary Resource Unit.

2. What is the eSR1 system?

The eSR1 system is the University's approval system for changes to staffing such as recruiting for new or replacement positions, as well as for changes to existing staffing such as increasing hours, extensions of fixed term contracts, changing fixed term to permanent and for payment of allowances etc.

3. Request an eSR1

  • Replacement roles
    • if you are recruiting to replace someone who has left the University, please complete the Leaver Form which will also notify us of the person leaving so that we can process their resignation.  See also Exit process for staff - Manager's guidance.
    • if you are recruiting to replace someone who has transferred to another role in the University please complete the eSR1 request form.
  • New roles

On receipt of the request form the Recruitment Team will set up the eSR1 for you and you will receive an email with a link to the system.

4. Complete the eSR1

Complete the eSR1 form and submit if for approval. 

A new version of the eSR1 was launched on 10 February 2020, see our Key Tips for Users and our FAQs for detailed guidance.

If you have any queries please refer to your Recruitment Team contact for advice.  

5. Approval

Once an eSR1 is submitted the following will happen:

  • For externally funded posts: - where the appointment will be wholly financed through external funding, the form will proceed to the Research Finance Cluster to approve the appointment.
  • For University funded posts:- the form will proceed to Finance and final approval will be made by budget holders within the college/ service.
  • For mixed funding:- the form will proceed to the relevant Research Finance cluster, then to Finance and then on to the budget holders within the college/ service.

The system will email you updating you after each approver actions the eSR1, you can also view all your SR1s on the SR1 Listings page.  If you feel there is a delay in your eSR1 being approved you should contact the approver who it is sitting with.

6. After approval

  • The e-SR1 will be received by the Recruitment team for action (see below for exceptions)
  • We will contact you if there are further things to discuss or if there is any missing information, otherwise we will proceed with advertising your post usually within 5 days of receiving the approved eSR1.
  • Exceptions: