1. Before the interview

Interview documentation - the Recruitment Team will provide the following documents no later than 2 days before the interview:

  • Finalised interview timetable (PD01 Applicant summary form)
  • Applications forms / references for academic roles
  • Job description
  • Interview notes pack

Review shortlisted applications - allow time to familiarise yourself with the candidates application form / CV / cover letter in advance of the interview.

Prepare your questions – questions should be based on the essential and desirable criteria. Prepare these in advance and decide which panel member is asking which questions. The format of the selection process should be consistent for all candidates.

  • Question or evidence requested needs to relate to the skills, experience and qualifications outlined in the Job Description and Person Specification.
  • Questions should be competency based as much as possible – for example “Please tell us about a time where you successfully completed a complex project working across multiple disciplines”
  • An ideal number of questions would be 6-8
  • Use the  to record your questions in advance

Chairs should be clear on their responsibilitiesGuidance notes for Chair of panel

All panel members please readEquality and diversity guidelines for panel members

2. During the interview

Don’t be late – keep to your interview schedule timings, and allow sufficient time at the end for candidate questions

Introductions - Remember to fully introduce the panel and set out the agenda of the interview. The Chair should explain that the University is committed to equality and diversity throughout the entire selection process is fair and inclusive.

Recording notes -

  • All panel members may take notes but must only use the Interview Notes Pack to record notes – all records must be kept for 12 months following the interview process for all candidates, longer for successful candidate
  • Panel members should not score questions – this will be done by the Chair, in consultation with the panel, at the end of the process
  • During the wrap up session the Chair should record the consensus score for each question, the concluding comments, and feedback for the candidates.
  • The Chair has the final decision-making authority where the panel is divided.
  • Chair must complete final page of the Interview Pack

Right to Work check – It’s essential you check candidates Right to Work in the UK documentation. See instructions below on how to do this check.

Academic/Professional Qualifications - If you have specified academic and/or professional qualifications in the essential criteria of your Person Specification, it is essential that you take certifed copies of these at interview.

3. After the interview

  • Decision – agree on the successful candidate to appoint
  • Send completed Interview Notes Pack - to the Recruiter for your College/Service
  • Complete the final tab ‘Interview Analysis’ on the PD01 Applicant Summary - this was provided to you prior to interview. Send it back to your Recruiter
  • Start date - please do not agree a start date any less than 2 weeks from date of offer
  • Complete the appointment tab on the SR1 once you have made an offer to a candidate

4. Responsibilities of the Chair

Ensure that:

  • All panel members conduct a fair, objective and confidential assessment of each candidate’s suitability for the role
  • The University’s Equality and Diversity policy is adhered to and that no discriminatory practice takes place
  • The panel’s consensus score for each question for each candidate is recorded and returned to the recruitment team, along with all notes made in the interview
  • That evidence of a candidate’s Right to Work is certified at interview stage, therefore preventing any unnecessary administrative delay at appointment stage.

5. How to verify Right to Work (RTW) documents

  • If an interivew is taking place in person, candidates will have been asked to bring proof of their Right to Work in the UK to their interview (the original documents).
  • You (or a nominated member of staff) should check each candidate’s documents and certify them as follows: ‘I certify that this is a true copy of the original seen by XXX (insert name) on XXX (insert date)’.
  • After the interview attach the successful candidate’s RTW documents to the SR1 appointment tab
  • Without evidence of eligibility to work in the UK, the appointed candidate(s) will not be able to commence their employment with the University.
  • If documentation is not verified at interview stage, then the successful candidate(s) can bring it in before or on their first day. If this does not happen, regrettably the new starter(s) will be sent home without pay until they can produce evidence of their right to work in the UK.
  • For more information on how to verify RTW, (including how to verify when an interview has taken place remotely), please see Right to work documents section