Recruitment of researchers guidance

‌When recruiting for research posts it is important that you consider exactly what work will be required, using the Researchers Career Structure guidance, before commencing the recruitment.  You should advertise and appoint at the appropriate level. 

Approval for research posts is the same as for all other posts, the SR1 (the University's recruitment approval form) follows the approval route and is sent to Human Resources with the advert and job description. Template adverts and job descriptions are available from the forms and templates page.

The advert and further particulars are published by Human Resources on the University website and in other publications at the request of the College or Service. Posts are normally advertised for two weeks then closed. The agreed closing date is published in the advert and the further particulars.

Applicants are invited to apply by either application form or CV; these are received by the admin contact in the College or Service.

This interview process is managed by the College or Service.

Applications are collated by the College/Service administrator and then sent to the panel for shortlisting. After shortlisting, interview invites and reference requests are sent to the candidate by the College or Service administrator.

We recommend that you use the following forms to support the administration process:

Application summary PD01 Excel workbook containing:

  • PD63 - Applicant shortlisting.
  • PD62 - Interview programme interview arrangements.
                 Interview timetable (optional use).           
  • PD61 - Interview analysis.

Recommended process

During the recruitment please log the applications received on the PD63 applicant shortlisting section of the workbook, you can then use this form to select those shortlisted, note the reasons for rejection etc, and fill in the PD62 - interview programme interview arrangements.

At the end of the process you will need to send the documentation to Human Resources, we need to collect this data to meet our legal requirements.

Send us

  • Applicant summary (with both the PD63 and PD61 fully completed).
  • PD02 or PD02a for the appointed candidate.
  • Application and equal opportunities form (or CV) for the appointed candidate.
  • References received for the appointed candidate - three are required for Academic appointments.

Please note that we require all the above paperwork back in order to create the employee file and issue the contract. Please store the remaining applications and paperwork securely in your department for six months before destroying.

Should you have any queries, or require any advice on your campaign, please do not hesitate to contact the Recruitment Team and we will be happy to help.