Guidance notes for Chair of Panel

Responsibilities of the Chair


  • Promoting fairness and open competition at every stage
  • Ensuring that the decisions on whom to interview and who to select is objective, based upon the person specification and defensible.
  • Drawing the Bribery Code of Conduct to the panels attention

Job analysis

  • Ensuring that the job description, person specification and advertisement are accurate and appropriate.

Choice of panel

  • Ensuring that the panel is correctly constituted

Conduct of shortlisting, interviewing and other testing

  • Ensuring that both in design and execution, activities, questions, comments, judgements and feedback are fair, reliable and consistent.
  • Ensuring that selection decisions are taken against the person specification and in line with the University’s equal opportunities standards;

Fixing contract terms

  • Applies the appropriate contractual terms
  • Confirms how much notice the candidate would be required to give if appointed.

Co-ordinating follow up

  • Making sure someone notifies and engages with the Induction Facilitator.
  • Elects someone to contact the successful and unsuccessful candidates.
  • Completes and returns the necessary documentation to Human Resources.


  • Will be the University’s lead witness should a selection decision be challenged in an employment tribunal.

Deciding starting salary

The Chair and College Dean/Head of Service should discuss the starting salary to be offered to the preferred candidate at the conclusion of the interviews. In considering the appropriate starting point on the scale, the following matters should be taken into account:

Available Funding: the salary range for appointment approved on the Form SR1 (ie an appointment may not be made above the highest point for which funding is available without further consultation with the line manager Deputy Vice Chancellor and Finance Services);

Perceived Market Worth of the preferred candidate, taking into account the individual's current salary (candidates should be asked to provide this information at interview), relevant teaching and/or research experience within the Higher Education sector and perceived skills shortages;

Comparability within the University - and particularly the College/Service - with existing staff of similar relevant experience and skills.


The first increment will be payable on 1 August following appointment (unless the appointment commences after 1 February, in which case the first increment will be paid on 1 August the following year).

Notes about probation

Lecturer (Education & Research) appointments are subject to the five-year Professional Development Programme (PDP). Interviewees will have been sent a link to the PDP targets applicable to this appointment which explains the PDP. For fixed term appointments of shorter than 5 years, performance will be assessed against the PDP criteria. 

All other staff: 12 months

Where staff are transferring from another appointment in the University, a period of probation will not normally be applied.

Communicating the decision to Interviewees

At interview, candidates should be asked for their contact details and be advised of when they can expect to hear the outcome of the interview. 

After interview, the nominated manager should contact the successful candidate to offer the appointment. An offer of employment should be made subject to satisfactory medical and reference checks and (where appropriate) to the University obtaining a work permit and criminal records check.

Once the first choice candidate has given a verbal acceptance, the nominated manager should contact the other interviewees to notify them that they have been unsuccessful. (In any event, candidates should be contacted within 2 working days of the interview.)

The College Dean/Head of Service or nominated person should be willing to give verbal feedback to any unsuccessful candidates who request this.

In recognition of the University’s commitments to its staff in its Training & Development Strategy, unsuccessful interviewees who already work for the University should also be offered the opportunity to speak to a Training & Development Adviser as a follow-up to the post-interview feedback. After giving the verbal feedback, the Dean/Head should ask the member of staff if they would like him/her to ask a Training & Development Adviser contact them to discuss their personal/career development. If the answer is yes, then the Head should telephone or email their Training & Development Adviser to ask them to contact the member of staff.

Return of paperwork to Human Resources

In conjunction with the College Dean, the Chair should complete the following forms and return them to Human Resources within 24 hours of the interview so that the offer can be confirmed in writing:

  • confirmation of appointment form (PD02);
  • Reason for Rejection form (PD61), contained within the PD01 Excel workbook.