The appointment

1. General

  • Contact the new member of staff to advise them of specific joining instructions (eg venue, time, who to ask for etc) in preparation for their first day
  • On or before their first day of work they must also present their right to work documentation. Failure to do so will mean that the new staff member has to return home, without pay, and will not be allowed to start work until they can provide evidence of their eligibility to work in the U.K.

2. Induction

  • The Induction Facilitator named on the e-SR1 appointment form will ensure the institution induction is undertaken. 
  • Also ensure that Faculty/Service (local level) induction is undertaken
  • Induction is an essential part of the recruitment process.
  • Undertaken effectively, it ensures that new employees settle quickly into their new role and into the University.

3. Probation

  • The purpose of a probationary period is to allow time for the employer to assess a new employee’s suitability for his/her new appointment and, equally to give time for the new employee to determine whether the new appointment is suitable for him/her.  Please visit out Probation webpage for further details.
  • The criteria for assessment under probation should be clear to both the employee and the University (as the employer) at the time the employment commences.  These criteria will be those specified in the person specification for the appointment, together with satisfactory conduct and attendance.