The University is committed to attracting and retaining quality staff who will help us achieve our future goals and ambitions. Our commitment to redeployment enables us to retain essential knowledge and skills and build a resilient workforce.

An employee will become a redeployee when they are issued formal notice of redundancy or because they are unable to continue working in their substantive position as a result of a disability.

A redeployee is afforded priority consideration during the selection process if they meet the essential requirements set out in the job description and person specification. This means that if a redeployee demonstrates that they meet the essential criteria within their application then they will be offered an interview. If, at interview, they meet the essential criteria for the role (or would do so with reasonable training) then they will be offered the position in priority over other candidates that are not redeployees.

These webpages provide guidance to members of staff who may become redeployees at the University and Recruiting Managers on how to deal with applications from redeployees.

Guidance for staff

The following pages provide guidance to members of staff who may become redeployees. The guidance includes answers to frequently asked questions and information on the support available to redeployees.

Guidance for managers

If you are a manager the following pages will provide guidance on recruiting a redeployeeline managing a redeployee and answers to some of the frequently asked questions from managers.

Redeployment procedure

The University has a redeployment procedure. Learn more about the redeployment procedure