EU/EEA nationals

Nationals from the European Economic Area

Nationals from European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland (see table below) can enter the UK without any restrictions. However, not all EEA nationals can work in the UK without restrictions. Nationals from all EEA countries and Switzerland should be able to produce a document from List A showing their nationality.

Members of the EEA who can work without restrictioncan work with restrictions

Austria                   Liechtenstein*          Czech Republic
Belgium                  Luxembourg             Estonia

Cyprus                   Malta                      Hungary
Denmark                Netherlands           Latvia
Finland                   Norway*                Lithuania
France                    Portugal                Poland
Germany                Spain                     Slovakia
Greece                   Sweden                 Slovenia
Iceland*                  UK                        Bulgaria
Ireland                   Italy                      Romania


* Although Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are not members of the European Union (EU), their citizens have the same rights as EU citizens to enter, live in and work in the UK.

Croatia (from 1 July 2013)


Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals

From 1 January 2014 Bulgarian and Romanian nationals no longer need to register for an accession worker card or registration certificate as evidence of permission to work or of their right to reside as a worker. 

Croatian Nationals  

From 1 July 2013 Croatian nationals have been able to move and reside freely in any EEA Member State. However, any Croatian national who wishes to work in the UK is subject to the worker authorisation requirement and will need to obtain permission (an accession worker authorisation document) to work before starting employment. 

Croatian students should also refer to the information on students

For further information about employing Croatian nationals please visit the UKVI website.

For further information about employing EU/EEA nationals please visit the UKVI website.