Procedure checklist

The checklist shows the stages that need to be taken in order for a Contract for Services to be undertaken, invoiced, paid and audit trailed.

Competitive tender for services carried out Colleges/Services are reminded of the requirements of the University procurement process regarding the purchasing of services, which should be followed when engaging for services. Colleges/Services should consult the Procurement Services webpages for the detailed requirements regarding quotations and tenders. Procurement Services
Self-employment status checked

The College/Service must complete an internally produced status questionnaire with PO number. This questionnaire will enable the University to determine whether the individual is genuinely self-employed and act as evidence for HMRC in the event of an audit. This must be kept by the engaging College/Service.

If an individual is returning to carry out the same work at a later date then the questionnaire can be copied but a new PO number will be needed and a new Engagement letter and Contract for Services needs to be sent to the supplier.

Employment Status Questionnaire
Right to work check completed UK Visas and Immigration suggest that employers might wish to consider undertaking right to work checks for individuals engaged on a self-employed basis. To minimise risk, Colleges are recommended to undertake right to work checks on self-employed suppliers and teachers and to retain copies of documents as required by the legislation. Right to work information
Engagement is for a contract for services. Engagement letter sent with a copy of Contract for Services: Terms and Conditions Colleges/Services should always send a written letter/email with the Contract for Services: Terms and Conditions attached to a self-employed supplier rather than relying on a verbal agreement. An engagement letter and Contract for Services needs to be issued to the supplier for each distinct project/assignment. Contract for Services: Terms and Conditions 
Order raised on APTOS and PO number generated This must be generated in accordance with Procurement’s Standard or Sundry Supplier Processes. The PO number needs to be included on the University Employment Status Questionnaire as well as the invoice.  


Supplier submits invoices once work is complete to The supplier will have to submit itemised invoices for payment on completion of the work as should non-UK PPE individuals. A PO number will need to be noted on each invoice.
Invoice received by Payments Payment will only be made to the account of the supplier named on the contract. Payment will be made through the APTOS system to an account in the name of a company. An Employment Status Questionnaire must have been completed and a PO number added to it. This should be kept by the College/Service in the event that HMRC audit the process.  Hard copies of the invoices should be retained for at least the last closed tax year i.e. 2012/13 kept until January 2014. Employment Status Questionnaire