Contract for services

A self-employed individual provides the University with his or her services, but remains independent. The contract between the individual and the employer is a 'contract for services’. Typically there may be an ability to provide alternative individuals to carry out the work in question. Self-employed workers are not entitled to statutory employment rights.

Contractual agreement

If engaging someone on a self-employed basis then a formal contractual agreement should be entered into (see Contract for Services: Terms and Conditions), before commencement of the work required. As well as protecting the University’s position as a purchaser of the service(s), the contract is evidence that the arrangement is a contract for services.

Employment status questionnaire

Furthermore, where the person to be engaged is a UK tax payer, they should normally have demonstrated their self-employed status before any business relationship can commence (ie before the contracts have been signed) by completing the University Employment Status Questionnaire. This should be completed by the College/Service and the individual.