About your pay

The University Temporary Staff Bank (TSB) has been established to provide temporary clerical and secretarial services to Colleges and Professional Services at short notice to cover such instances as sickness, holidays, special projects, vacancies and unpredictable and irregular patterns of work etc. It is expected that assignments will not exceed 6 months and that workers will not be engaged on consecutive assignments which exceed six months. As stated in the terms and conditions, the University of Exeter is not obliged to provide work and there may be periods when no suitable work is available or where suitable work is available but the University of Exeter does not offer it to the Temporary Worker. Consequently, the Temporary worker should expect gaps between assignments.

The Temporary Staff Bank's remuneration is on an hourly basis. Typical hourly rates are as follows:

  • Basic clerical/keyboard skills, envelope stuffing, photocopying etc is £8.82 per hour
  • General work ie clerical experience and keyboard skills, data input and a good working knowledge of software packages etc is £9.34 per hour
  • Transcribing (with own equipment) is £10.37 per hour
  • Secretarial/PA - £11.62 per hour

These rates are subject to Cost of Living increases.

Full time hours are 36.5 per week, but weekly and daily hours may vary according to specific assignments.

Claims must be submitted by the payroll deadline.

Annual holiday pay

Depending on the number of hours worked per year, you are entitled to a maximum of 28 days' paid annual leave (these can include Bank Holidays). Your holiday rate is included within the hourly rate.

Holiday taken must be by arrangement with the College/Service that you are working in (obviously it would need to be an assignment of reasonable length)

Please note the University holiday year runs from January to December and it is essential that you fit in your holiday periods during this time. Holiday pay cannot be carried over from one year to the next.

For more information, please see the Temporary Staff Bank terms and conditions pages.