These pages provide the essential information, from the beginning of the PTA journey through to the end of their contract. 

Managers of Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

Please note that these pages should be used for Postgraduate Teaching Assistants employed for the academic year 2014-5 onwards.

Module convenors, Postgraduate Teaching Asisstant co-ordinators and managers provide important role models to the postgraduate teaching assistants they supervise.

What are Postgraduate Teaching Assistants?

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PTAs) are arrangements where postgraduate students are guaranteed a fixed amount of remuneration for teaching a set number of hours (see how to assign work)

The University has agreed a Code of Good Practice on the Employment of Postgraduate Students which covers the recruitment, employment and training of Postgraduate Students in roles which support teaching and learning. Additional information can be found on the pages below;

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