How to assign work

The University wishes to be clear and transparent with the work they are offering. We recommend that Colleges issue each PTA with an Hour Allocation, a contract and a generic job description using the links to the templates below; 

Role Description Template

The PTA generic role description comprises a list of skills and competencies that are not necessarily expected of all students who teach, but is a list of duties which a student may be required to

There is an additional section at the end that is appropriate for a PTA representative. Please note that not all disciplines need one, for more detail please see the Code.

Hours Allocation Template

Please note that the current hours allocation template shows the hourly rates based on the August 2014 JNCHES rates. It will be updated when a national agreement has been reached. The Hours allocation template (HAT‌) is intended to be adaptable, and where students are undertaking a very small number of hours, it may not be necessary to employ the template as it stands.

The template is designed to ensure that appropriate clarification has been given to the student with regard to matters such as training required and number of hours allotted to different tasks, and this means that Colleges may find it helpful to work from the template, but adapt it to suit different situations (in some cases it is likely that very minimal information would be required, Colleges may prefer to use one sheet or multiple sheets depending on the amount of work offered).

There may be circumstances where work is genuinely ad hoc in which case it would be acceptable to pay on an hourly basis (e.g. if someone was being brought in to cover for sickness for a seminar): it is still important, however, to ensure that the student is clear about what is expected of them and whether they require training. If, however, the use of a postgraduate student in teaching is planned in advance of the module commencing then it needs to have a job description and an hours allocation template with hours mapped against it.

Working Hours

The University has agreed limits on the hours which its students should work for the University in order to protect their learning and education. (See section 6 of Code of Good Practice on the Employment of Postgraduate Students and the Good Practice Guidelines for Undergraduate Students undertaking paid employment during term-time.)

Additionally, for students outside the European Economic Area, the government has set a limit of 20 hours of employment per week for students during term-time: this applies to all work undertaken by the student, not just their employment with the University. For further information on employment of non-UK/EEA students please see the Right to work guidance.


Once the recruitment process has taken place and the HAT has been produced then the College needs to issue the PTA with a Template contract for postgraduate teaching and research assistants and direct them to the Casual Claims Registration Process.

The PTA will need to be made aware of how to use the eClaims system, guidelines for which can be found here.

PTAs will be able to login to the eClaims system using their student IT account details. They may need their payroll number once they have logged in and can request this from the Claims Team at