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How to recruit a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

An effective and professional recruitment and selection process is vital to the University in order to recruit quality PTAs. Here you will find all the information you need to successfully undertake this process.

The following guidelines are for all staff recruiting to PTA roles.

  1. Circulate details of the PTA opportunities to all eligible PGR/PGT (whichever is applicable) students so that there is open competition.
  2. The PTA generic role description should be circulated along with clear key information and clear person selection criteria and keep to these when making your decisions. 
  3. Record your decisions/reasons for not appointing applicants, see the equality and diversity guidelines for panel members.
  4. Consider involving more than one person in selection decisions to minimise accusations of bias and to be seen to be fair – ideally both men and women, see the equality and diversity guidelines for panel members.
  5. Be sure that those involved in the selection decisions have, at minimum, read the guidance on the recruitment webpages, at best attended the recruitment training (new to recruitment and for experienced recruiters).
  6. Give feedback to unsuccessful applicants if requested.