For further information please see your college code of practice

Day to day support and management

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant Coordinators

Each discipline will have a coordinator who will coordinate teaching or other employment activities, the necessary induction, training, monitoring and support of the students and will ensure that any problems and issues are resolved promptly.

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant Representatives

 All Colleges shall appoint an experienced PTA as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant Representative, following an open process, including inviting nominations from experienced PTAs. The PTA Representative shall coordinate any concerns arising from PTAs in that discipline and may support the PTA Coordinator in mentoring less experienced PTAs. The duties of PTA Representatives will be specified on their Hours allocation template.

Health and Safety

The employing College/Service must comply with all of the University’s normal health and safety standards and ensure that the student worker is made aware of all relevant health and safety issues. This is most effectively provided by giving the student worker an appropriate induction to their role, duties, expectations and applicable ‘rules and regulations’.

Right to work

The checks required under the Asylum & Immigration Act must be completed before the student starts work.  For further information on employment of non-UK/EEA students please see the Right to work guidance.

Grievance, performance, conduct and termination procedures

Where the student raises a complaint/grievance or the College has a concern about the student’s conduct or performance, the College Dean must determine whether the student or employment procedures apply. In most cases it will be clear which procedure applies but it is possible that an issue could be pursued either through the Student Complaints Procedure or the Student Employment Grievance Procedures. In such circumstances, following consultation their Human Resources Business Partner and the Director of Academic services (or designate), the College Dean will determine which procedure will apply and notify this to the student.

In most cases, the Student Disciplinary Procedures will not apply to issues connected with a student’s employment by the University and it will be clear which procedure is the most appropriate. If it relates to the student's employment then the student performance and conduct procedure will apply. However, it is possible that the alleged misconduct may be relevant to both the student’s status as a student and as an employee. In such circumstances, Colleges should consult their Human Resources Business Partner for advice.

Where the student is employed on a standard University contract, the University’s standard discipline, grievance and termination procedures will apply.

Colleges should consult their Human Resources Business Partner for advice on discipline or grievance issues relating to students paid on a claims basis.

Additional information

See the Code of good practice on the employment of postgraduate teaching assistant.

There will also be a Code relevant to your College, it is important that you familiarise yourself with this.

Further information

Terms and conditions

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