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Trent HR system and management information

Management information from Trent HR can be provided through reports which are run within Trent HR or from Business Objects. You can also access key People reports from the Management Information hub.

  • Certain Business Objects reports can be scheduled to run automatically each month and emailed to designated managers.
  • Reports are generally provided in Excel format.
  • Some complex reports include additional merged columns which make it difficult to sort the report in Excel - see Instructions on how to unmerge and delete these additional columns to allow sorting
  • Contact the Human Resources team for your College/Service to obtain any reports
  • All reports are subject to the conditions of use for data from Trent HR system. Human Resources are not authorised to provide a report where this would breach data protection standards.

If the information you require is not listed, you should discuss your information requirements with the Human Resources team for your College/Service (or, for University-wide reports, the Trent HR support team in Human Resources). Please give us as much notice as possible, as creating new and bespoke reports can take a significant amount of time.

Trent reports

In addition, you are able to run reports from within Trent HR for selected units (ie College or Service or sections/academic units).

These reports include:

  • various equality and diversity analysis by organisation unit
  • length of service by organisation unit
  • various absence reports
  • headcount reports (includes all categories, ie claims, GTFs etc as well as employees)
  • various learning activity reports by organisation unit

Further information

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