Reporting Incidents of Discrimination

The below form can be used to informally report any incident of discrimination which has affected yourself or others. Completed reporting forms are received confidentially by the Equality and Diversity Team. 

For more details about what can be reported and what to expect when using this form see what to do if you experience discrimination

We would encourage you to include your contact details when completing this form so that we can respond to you. However the form can be completed anonymously if you prefer.

* Indicates a mandatory field

This is an informal report. The specific information you provide will not be passed on without your permission.
The recipient A witness An advocate Other
Age Disability Gender reassignment Marriage and civil partnership Pregnancy and maternity Race Religion or belief Sex Sexual orientation Don't know
Physical Verbal Both Other
Streatham Campus St Luke’s Campus Penryn Campus Truro Campus Off-campus
First incident Repeat incident

We will only be able to respond if you provide us with your contact details
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