Emily Burton

Emily Burton

Second-year maths student Emily Burton saw off competition from more than 4,000 students from 149 universities nationwide to win the National Student Challenge 2013.
Her prize for winning the coveted accolade was a paid internship with leading global engineering and technology services company, Siemens.

For the competition, Emily had to take part in a variety of practical tests which included individual and group exercises, to test her decision making, communication and business awareness.
Emily, from Royston, Hertfordshire, described the event as ‘one of the most invigorating days’ of her life.

She said:“Working and competing with such a talented group of people really pushed me to make the most out of such an incredible opportunity. With my parents' advice in my mind – "just be yourself" – I embraced each task and thoroughly enjoyed myself. To my complete surprise I accumulated the highest overall score, winning the challenge and becoming part of the first all female top three in the event's history.”

Emily has some advice for others based on her experiences so far: “Sometimes just saying ‘don't be scared’ can help someone face their fears or ‘be yourself’ can provide someone with a heap of confidence so that they can go on to achieve their goals. The encouragement and support of carers, teachers, parents and countless other roles promotes positive change in the lives of many and I believe this is truly what inspires change.”

Emily’s family have been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration to her: “They have brought me up with good morals and values and have shown that to succeed you need to be determined and hard working. My dad and my aunty have both worked exceedingly hard throughout their lives to get where they are today, persevering through difficult times to reach their goals. I owe my work ethic and high motivation to them. My parents have supported me through everything I have done and given me great advice and help along the way. My nan has always impressed upon me the importance of challenging myself and not being afraid of change. My maternal grandparents demonstrated that manners go a long way and that listening to what people have to say is very important. I would not be where I am today without them.”