Gabriella Giannachi

Gabriella Giannachi

Gabriella Giannachi, FRSA, is Professor in Performance and New Media, and Director of the Centre for Intermedia and Creative Technology at the University of Exeter, which promotes advanced interdisciplinary research in performance and the arts through collaborations between artists, academics and scientists from a range of disciplines.

One of Gabriella’s current projects is Art Maps, a collaboration with Tate and the University of Nottingham funded by RCUK. Art Maps has visualised the entire Tate collection on an interactive map that can be perfected and annotated by users wherever they may be in the world. Her PhD student Cristina Locatelli has shown how the Migrant Resource Centre in London can use Art Maps to aid familiarisation with British culture. This project won this year's University of Exeter Impact Award for the Arts and Culture category.

On the theme of inspiring change, Gabriella says: “For me it means to work collaboratively and interdisciplinarily, also in collaboration with non academic partners, to address real world problems”.

“Change must come from promoting inclusivity within universities. For this, we need to move out of our comfort zones and talk to new audiences, listen to new collaborators, break new ground. Above all, I think, we must doubt ourselves so we don't feel too comfortable in what we know and do.”

Gabriella has been lucky enough to have been inspired by many others in her life and career, she says: “I have been taught by some wonderful individuals, such as Gianni Vattimo in Turin, my home town, and Tony Tanner in Cambridge, where I did my PhD. I was also fortunate to be able to work for Goffredo Fofi at Linea D'Ombra, who published my first ever article, and to be working for the publishing company Einaudi where I met some of the most brilliant intellectuals of our times, like Eric Hobsbawm, Primo Levi and Norberto Bobbio.”

“I still feel very privileged to be working with exceptional individuals, such as my colleagues in English at Exeter and in Computer Science at Nottingham, artists like Lynn Hershman Leeson, and the company Blast Theory, teachers in a number of Exeter schools, and staff at Tate, RAMM, and the Met Office. Their dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and innovation, mutual support and understanding, commitment to learning and research, and dissemination among different publics are a constant source of inspiration.”