Selin Yigitbasi

Selin Yigitbasi

Selin distinguished herself whilst she was in her final year at the University by winning the Institute of Directors (IoD) accolade of ‘Student Member of the Year’, receiving the award at its London headquarters.

It was a very tough selection process which included an assessment day including a gruelling interview with an illustrious panel made up of well-known business leaders. She was selected for the final six candidates and invited to the IoD Annual Awards Ceremony. To her shock and delight she was announced that evening as the winner of the award.

Not content with winning the award and gaining her degree, since graduating Selin has been undertaking a number of placements and internship, focussed on honing her marketing and advertising skills. She is currently in Singapore for some additional work experience before going to Paris for three months to improve her fluency in French.

Reflecting on her life’s inspirations Selin said: “There are two women who have inspired me to be who I am today. My grandmother and my mother. My grandmother, a housewife, has always influenced those around her with her positive energy and sincere attitude that allows her to build good and lasting relationships with ease. Even at the age of 82, she is thoroughly determined to live her life to the fullest, travelling every Sunday and throwing dinner parties. She inspired me to be organised, self-sufficient, punctual and to never to shy away from protecting my rights.

“My mother, on the other hand, is a dedicated business leader who is considerate and compassionate towards the people she works with. Her modesty and calm attitude reflects positively upon her decision making, enabling her to come to logical decisions in stressful situations where others are over reacting. She owns an extensive and ever-expanding collection of business books, and is constantly enthusiastic to improve herself and her work, keeping up to date with new trends. She inspired me to always maintain a passion and appreciation for learning, and to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the betterment of the project at hand. I am consistently thankful for their expert advice and teachings that have shaped me to be the person that I am today.”

She concludes with some advice: “Never stop saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities for the merit of the experience alone, even if it initially seems time consuming or intimidating. In order to learn to fly, one must first jump from a ledge. You will be surprised how much every little effort shapes both you and your future."