Zena Wood

Zena Wood

Zena Wood is passionate about sharing her knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise with the computer scientists of tomorrow. She takes great pride in inspiring schoolchildren of all ages to open their mind to the possibilities that this burgeoning area of science can offer them for their future careers.

She said: “I am passionate about encouraging and inspiring students to consider studying Computer Science and seeing how exciting the subject it is. A key aspect of this is to break down the stereotypes that are often associated with it. My colleagues and I run interactive activities to show students from aged 10 to 18, how exciting the subject is and inspire them to investigate it further.”

This focus on encouraging young scientists to realise their potential perhaps stems from Zena’s own experiences. She insists that her has found inspiration to reach the top of her field not only from her own drive and determination, but also by listening and learning from her peers. She said: “I am quite competitive and am keen to push myself to improve my skill sets and knowledge. However, the people around me have always inspired me to do better.”

As a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Zena takes pride and enjoyment from carrying out ground-breaking research, but also supporting her students. She said that she finds joy in being able to meet new people, a trait that she believes is important in her role. Zena also insists that success is harder to find without a passion for your work, saying: “I think it is really important to be able to enjoy what you do.”

Zena said that her proudest moment to date was winning an award for one of her early research papers, given at a major international conference. She explained: “Seeing my first paper published was a great moment but my proudest professional/ academic moment was probably receiving a best paper award at FOIS (International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems) 2008. It was one of the first international conferences that I had attended and an extremely proud moment that I still cherish.”