‌Black History Month

Black History month is a key event within the University's annual calendar of events. This year, we are looking at a variety of engagement oppotunities, events and sessions to allow all members of our community to learn about the history of the origin of Black History Month and Black People in the UK and understand how all of us can use our privilege to drive change and further inclusion.

We, as you may see from the events below, are taking an intersectional approach to Black History Month activity understanding intersectiosn with Disability, Sexual Orientation and Gender. Bookings for events will go live shortly! 

Week 1 - Black History in the UK  

  • Showcase of Black History/ Windrush Collections in the Library (1st- 30th October) 
  • Poster Competition – Bracton Centre for History Research (1st- 30th October) 
  • Dr. Miguel Hernandez Origins of Black History Month (TBC)
  • Louise Adoja Parker (2nd Oct) – Penryn Campus 
  • Rethinking Race – TBC   

Week 2 - Experiences of intersectionality – Race and Disability, including mental health 

  • Ikenna Onyebuchi : Storm – Identity and Mental Health.  
  • Research Seminar 2 – Dr. Katharine Tyler: Racial/Cultural Identities - 9th October 
  • Session on Privilege led by BME network - (TBC)  
  • Black Men Walking at Northcott Theatre - 9th-12th October 
  • Session on BAME experiences of the Mental Health Services (Penryn) – 9th October   

Week 3 - Experiences of intersectionality – Race and Sexual Orientation 

  • Hate Crime Awareness with Devon and Cornwall Police – 15th Oct    
  • Brown, Trans and Proud - Sabah Choudrey 18th Oct 
  • Exeter BAME Law Initiative Launch Event 
  • Black British Cinema Exhibit in Bill Douglas Cinema Museum  
  • Roundtable  - CMH – Experiences of Racism in the NHS and Medical Research – St. Luke's -16th October and Kspa, Truro - 18th Oct  

Week 4 - Experiences of intersectionality – Race and Gender 

  • UEBS – Panel Discussion: Diversity and Leadership – 21st Oct
  • Alright Petal? – Play/ Performance – Beyond Face – 24thOct (Thornlea
  • Prof. Iyiola Solanke – Black Female Professors Forum – The Alchemy of Race and Gender (25th/28th Oct)
  • Dami Mackay - When we were kings: The role of African history on individual vs. collective action (TBC) 
  • Kick Racism Out of football (In Collab with Exeter United) – Tournament – 27th October