LGBTQ+ at Exeter

We aim to create an inclusive environment at the University of Exeter where all staff and students can be themselves.

This toolkit aims to provide support, advice, and information for LGBTQ+ staff and students, as well as friends, colleagues, and allies. 

For further information or support please contact

+ LGBTQ+ Staff

Specific support for members of staff who identify as LGBTQ+

+ LGBTQ+ Students

Specific support for students who identify as LGBTQ+

+ Guidance for Managers

Information and support for all managers within the University.

+ Teachers and Lecturers

Advice for Teachers and Lecturers on creating an inclusive learning and teaching environment

+ Allies and Colleagues

Advice for Allies and Colleagues on creating an inclusive place to work and study.

+ Stonewall

Read about the University's involvement with the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index

Campaigns and Events

Gender Recognition Act Consultation

Gender Recognition Act Response