Pregnancy and Maternity


Issues relating to pregnancy and maternity are discussed by the Gender Equality Group.


Useful lnformation

Family Friendly information and policies


Facilities for Nursing Mothers

Streatham Campus

Old Library, Room 115 (second floor)

Room 115 has been converted into a First Aid/Mothers' Rest Room for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is equipped with a reclining couch, a nursing chair, a sink and a refrigerator for expressed milk.

The room is left unlocked and is available for use when the 'vacant' sign appears on the door.  The room is lockable from the inside and has blinds for privacy.  

St Lukes Campus

Holnicote Annex

A room in Holnicote Annex (next to the Muslim prayer rooms) is being refurbished and will be available soon as a First Aid/Mother's Rest Room. 


Plans are currently underway for a purpose built First Aid/Mother's Rest Room in the Reception area at Tremough.