Amelia Mohammed

Amelia Mohammed

When undergraduate student Amelia Mohammed stepped into her first Engineering lecture, her initial reaction was “Where are all the girls?”

After learning that females make up just 9% of professional engineers in the industry in the UK, Amelia, who comes from Trinidad and Tobago, was motivated to find a way of encouraging other women to study the subject for which she has such passion. “The field of Engineering is missing out on some great minds by not appealing to more females,” she explains. “If there are more female engineers who offer fresh and diverse perspectives, then perhaps solutions to 21st century global challenges can be achieved sooner rather than later.”

Her drive and determination led to the establishment of a ‘Robogals’ chapter at the University of Exeter. Robogals is an international, not for profit, student-run organisation that aims to increase female participation in Engineering, Science and Technology through fun and educational initiatives aimed at girls in Primary and Secondary Schools. As Amelia explains: “To date, we have made partnerships with Athena Swan, CEMPS Outreach, and Exeter Student Volunteers (ESV) as well as securing over £4000 sponsorship through the Annual Fund. Now that we are well established, Robogals will be engaging in robotics workshops, career events and community exhibitions such as the Big Bang SW in the coming months.”

She hopes that reaching out to school pupils will begin to address the lack of female role models within technical subjects, and “show the vast range of disciplines they can become involved in to make a difference.”

Rather than taking it easy this summer, Amelia will be taking up a placement with Jaguar Land Rover through their Women in Engineering Sponsorship Scheme. She concludes: “The single piece of advice that I would give to others is to embrace your differences. How can you distinguish yourself from the crowd if you are just like everyone else? When I made the choice to study in the UK, I had never visited before but it was an exciting adventure that I could not pass up. Continually stretching my boundaries has made me into the resilient, focused and strong woman that I am today.”