Lora Fleming

Professor Lora Fleming

Professor Lora Fleming is the Director of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, as well as Chair of Oceans, Epidemiology, and Human Health. She is a board-certified occupational and environmental health physician and epidemiologist, and has spent more than two decades investigating the interactions between human health and the environment.

Lora is also an active member of two of the University’s Athena SWAN working groups. She said: “When women and all other subgroups who are traditionally discriminated against are truly valued in society, then everyone benefits from their creativity and true participation.” This equal-opportunity attitude is reflected in the fact that Lora can identify no one particular female role model in her life. Rather, she said: “I am inspired by all women who work hard, are creative, and share with their colleagues, no matter what they do or where they are.” She does, however, admire both her daughter and daughter-in-law, whom she describes as “fearless women scientists who take the time to really enjoy all aspects of their lives.” She adds: “And, of course, I will always admire Modesty Blaise!”

The European Centre is a huge source of pride to Lora, who feels lucky to work with an interesting and talented group of colleagues, mentors, students, and friends. Lora is also impressed by the diversity of the group, whose widely varying perspectives are a source of inspiration and creativity, rather than a stumbling block to collaboration.

Academic life is very important to Lora, and she says that working on issues of environment and human health is one of the things that most brings her joy. Outside of the office, she loves to learn new things—and to laugh. Both professionally and personally, Lora tries to live by one main rule: “Whenever possible, take the time to enjoy what you are doing, because life goes really fast!”