Miss F M Pugh (1950s)

An MA from the institute before it received its Royal Charter in 1919 was the beginning of an array of achievements for May Pugh, who spent over two decades on the council and was awarded an OBE in the 1970s for her achievements.

Pugh began her career on the University council in the 1950s, after being drafted in from Devon County Council where she was County Alderman. She remained a key member for two decades, initially part of the halls committee in the mid-50s. Her role as council representative for the Lazenby committee progressed into being part of the Lazenby trust; a position that lasted until the 1970s, when she was also vice councillor of the finance committee.

Pugh, known by her middle name, May, was awarded an OBE in the late 70s for her achievements within the community.

Miss F. M. Pugh sat with the first council of the University of Exeter