Which women inspire you?

Inspiration comes from all areas of life and in celebration of International Women’s Day 2014 we asked you to tell us about the women who have inspired you. Have a look at our photo montage video to see all the inspirational women that were nominated by you:


Your nominations

Nick Southall on nominating Nicola Sinclair

“Nicola has had such an impact on the University through her strategy and leadership. Her strategic focus has led to an increase in student applications for Exeter. Shes highly respected by her team, and she has been radically transformative, increasing evidence-based research at the University and the focused communications which are based on this. She’s genuinely inspirational in the work she does.”

Jo Welsman on nominating Karen Knapp

“Karen has inspired others through her openness, honesty and transparency. I consider her organisation, quite confidence and calmness an inspirational part of her successful leadership. She is a great mentor and role model and a strong woman in a competitive field.”


Alison Hurst on nominating Tamsin Ford

“I am inspired by Tamsin as she copes with a very hectic work/home life balance and still has time for everyone. I have learnt to prioritise my tasks while carefully considering others.”


Jackie Minton on nominating Katrina Wyatt and Tamsin Ford

“I admire Katrina’s engagement with others: no matter how busy Katrina is, she still has time for everybody. She is positive, caring and is a lovely person to work with and know. Many of us could learn from this – giving people a little time is so valuable when we are all so busy. I find Tamsin inspirational in many ways, she is the most capable, intelligent an driven people I know. Her dedication to work is an inspiration, and her faith in people is fantastic. Tamsin is also a role model for juggling family life and work seamlessly, such a difficult skill for many of us.”

Nick Southall on nominating Ailsa McGregor

“While working with Ailsa for the International Women’s Day photo montage, I was really impressed with what she does and how she does it. She demonstrates the importance of cross-institutional knowledge, and how bringing the right people together can lead to success. She made the IWD events at the University of Exeter really inspiring to be involved with.”