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Education and research

Academics pursuing a career in Education and Research are expected to follow a Professional Development Programme (PDP) that usually takes five years to complete. Individual goals, targets and training will be agreed with your College and progress is reviewed against three criteria: education, research and impact and academic citizenship.

New progression criteria have been in place since 1 April 2016, with the new criteria listed below. Colleges have been running briefing sessions on how you should use these criteria to support your career development. Below are details of the progression criteria, the process and the forms for each role. Please also see our frequently asked questions.


Progression criteria and processes

Progression criteriaDevelopmentSchedule and processesForms

Lecturer (Probation)

Probation and Progression to SL Process



Lecturer to Senior Lecturer

Probation and Progression to SL Process



Senior Lecturer to Associate Professor

Progression to Associate Professor - full document


Associate Professor to Professor

Progression to Professor - full document



Professional Development Programme (pre April 2016)

If you were appointed before the 1 April 2016 and chose to remain on the previous Professional Development Programme the details of the process and criteria you need to follow can be found in the Guide to PDP (pre April 2016). Please use PD03 for your interim and final review‌. If you are unsure of which scheme you are on please contact your HRBP.