Annual leave for staff

Job families: Education and Research; and Education and Scholarship 

To support Project Enhance and the wellbeing of academic colleagues, in the 2020/21 academic year, Education and Research and Education and Scholarship colleagues can take their annual leave during term time, with the approval of academic managers. Timetabled activity will of course take priority, but academic managers will be expected to facilitate workloads to allow colleagues to take some leave during term-time, if requested.

Staff in the Education and Research and the Education and Scholarship job families are entitled to the same paid leave as other staff graded E and above, namely 30 days plus 8 bank/public holidays and 3 closure days designated by the University. See the holidays section on the terms and conditions of employment pages for full details.

Staff in the Education and Research and the Education and Scholarship job families will normally take their leave during University vacations. Leave will not normally be permitted during term-time. We strongly encourage staff to book their annual leave via Trent Self Service so they have an accurate record of when annual leave is taken. If staff do not use Trent self-service it is assumed they have taken their annual leave during vacations and they will not be paid for any outstanding leave if / when they leave the University.

Different arrangements apply to requests for emergency leave, compassionate leave and family-friendly leave.