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The project looked at how to provide better and more effective workplaces for staff

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The project looked at all the University's campuses


In delivering its strategy, the University is committed to providing a working environment with a culture where staff are able to work effectively and flexibly, with access to appropriate tools, training and space, while ensuring sustainable and efficient use of its resources.

This project looked at how to provide better and more effective workplaces for staff. 

The project group engaged in a holistic approach to Future Workplaces, which looks at who we are (people) and what we do (workstyles), and have then been exploring the types of tools and space that we need.

Project Outputs

This project has been about creating the relationships and laying down building blocks to allow us to move forward quickly when workplace change projects are required. It will also ensure that a holistic approach to the workplace can be taken, allowing staff and the University to use innovative ways of working and bearing a wide range of issues in mind when designing workspaces, based on feedback from staff.

The webpages for the individual work streams have been updated to include the project outputs.  The project has made significant ground changing the culture around our use of flexible workplace policies and technologies. We’ve developed a workplace toolkit and space management policy, and identified workstyles to understand the workplace needs of colleagues.  The timetable has been altered to add three hours a week increased capacity for module flexibility and large group teaching. We’ve even identified the best chair for University staff in an in-depth trial of more than twenty different office chairs.

Overall, the project has changed the process of working on workplace reorganization, refurbishment or new build projects.  Before the type and configuration of space is decided a joined up approach considers business process, flexible working practices, impact of IT and other enabling tools.  A process of review decides the way future workplace principles can be successfully applied within the confines of scale, budget, time and existing constraints.

Links with Transformation

Although not part of the Transformation project, the Future Workplaces outputs are important to help us have a responsive and agile workforce and make the best use of our estate going forward. Ensuring that we have the tools to deliver modern workplaces which can support team working and rapidly respond to change will help support research and teaching.