Project Sponsor

Project Group

Project Sponsor - Janice Kay, and Project Chair - Andrew Connolly

The Future Workplaces project was set up in 2014 and was sponsored and chaired by Neil Armstrong (former Provost). The Project Group, chaired by Andrew Connolly, had the overarching responsibility for advising on the scope and overseeing the delivery of the project. The five work streams were tasked with carrying out research, producing proposals, testing and consulting and producing outputs in relation to:

Across the project, there was representation from Academic and Professional Services staff; all Colleges; and Streatham, St Luke’s and Penryn campuses.

Future Workplaces Structure

Structure of the groups and workstreams.

Frances Vowels

Project Coordination Group

Chairperson: Frances Vowles

A Project Coordination Group, chaired by Frances Vowles, sat between the Project Group and the work streams. This Group connected important issues, such as communication and sustainability.

Project Group Terms of Reference

Phone: 4566