Place work stream

The Place work stream looked at the provision of working space, including physical space, space policies and costs of space.

Work stream outputs

The Place work stream has developed a workplace toolkit, which will incorporate new workplace guidelines, process guidance, and training in the delivery and management of holistic workplace projects. It will also include key design features, taking into account feedback from staff, including a range of sample workplace settings and a flexible palette of interior designs which have been developed in consultation. A theoretical workplace modelling tool has also been developed, allowing us to quickly provide high level, objective guidance on quantity and type of space required for staff; this can be used for comparative purposes or to identify needs for new staff.  

A new space management policy has been developed which sets out the over-riding management principles that the University will adopt, in order to effectively manage and allocate space across the entire University Estate on all campuses and buildings. This has been through a long consultation process and has been now been approved by LSMG, CSAG, CSG and VCEG.

As part of the research phase, the work stream established an understanding of the current space by undertaking an extensive data gathering exercise on areas occupied by the University, for office based activities, in the Colleges and Professional Services. Read more about the research of the Place work stream.