The Teaching Day work stream is looking at three proposals for change

Changes to the Teaching Day in 2015-16

To investigate ways we can better utilise our teaching space, as part of the Future Workplaces project, a group of Professional Services and academic staff as well as student representatives researched and consulted to try to find ways to ease pressure on the timetable.   The teaching day models used at competitor universities were researched - see FAQs.  The group asked staff and student to consider three options which would change the format of the teaching day – findings were reported in News in Brief and online in July 2014.   

The Future Workplaces project approved alterations to the teaching day to add three hours a week to the timetable, beginning 2015-16, to provide increased capacity for module flexibility and large group teaching. 

Mitigation based on feedback and suggestions from staff and students has been set in motion and communicated to students and staff.  More details for staff are here.  Information for students is here.   This includes:

  • equipping and using the Northcott Theatre for teaching on two days a week and re-configuring a large teaching space in Penryn
  • a bursary for student parents and commuters
  • increased use of the teaching restriction form (247 submitted in 2015 compared to 173 in 2013),
  • early release of a draft timetable to staff
  • extension of the Family Centre opening hours

For reference, here are the original Consultation Document, more detailed Options Appraisal and FAQs.

Recommendations passed by the Future Workplaces Project Group and VCEG were submitted to Senate and have proceeded through the usual governance channels at the University.  As the work stream has now ceased, Ian Blenkharn, Head of Student Services is the main contact for the new timetable.