The Teaching Day group were

All enquiries about the new timetable should now be directed to Ian Blenkharn, Head of Student Services

Ariel Edge (Chair) College Manager (HUMS)
Phil Attwell Acting Director of Campus Services
Hannah Barton President of Students' Guild
Dr Sara Burton Senior Lecturer, Biosciences (CLES) / Academic Staff Association Representative
Elaine Cordy Head of Learning Spaces (Academic Services)
Abigail Dixon Communications Officer
Liz French Head of Media Relations
Holly Hellier HR Business Partner (CEMPS)
Jim Major Timetabling & Room Bookings Manager (Academic Services)
Gareth Oughton Director of Membership Services (Students' Guild)
Iain Springate Planning Officer, Strategic Planning
Vanessa Templeton FXPlus Timetabling & Room Bookings Manager (FXP EDS, Penryn)
Prof Adam Watt Head of Modern Languages, Associate Professor in French (HUMS)
Helen Greenbeck Head of Space Management & Design (EDS)
Nicole Solomon GBP Project Assistant (Campus Services)