Your feedback on teaching day consultation


Feedback from staff and students regarding changing the teaching day, and the three options that were proposed, came from several sources: responses to proposals from 44 individuals through the Future Workplaces website; feedback from 17 meetings / other interactions between Teaching Day workstream members and Colleges / Services; Guild research with students and the verbatim comments relating to the three proposed options gathered through the Teaching Day Consultation Survey.

The Survey had responses from 119 staff (three-quarters academics; the remainder PS staff), and 83 students. The majority of respondents (82%) were primarily based at Streatham, with a minority based at Penryn (11%), St Luke’s (7%), Truro (1%) and Veysey / RD&E (1%). Of the 202 respondents, just under 170 provided verbatim comments regarding the three proposed options.

The feedback gathered via all sources from staff and students was generally negative or raised concerns and did not express an appetite to change the teaching day, which is to be expected when consulting on a change such as this. Where a preference (or ‘least worst’ option) was expressed, option B was chosen more often than others as it was considered to have the least impact.

Each piece of feedback that was received was read, captured and categorised into the following themes. Concerns were raised around the impacts on lectures that were in the extended part of the day; staff and student well-being; implications for childcare; implications for other evening activities that staff and students are engaged in; and worries that a group of staff (specifically with no caring responsibilities) might have to undertake the majority of early / late lectures.

Staff and students also offered suggestions to ameliorate some of the issues raised; this was of great value to the Teaching Day work stream. The feedback and suggestions were directly referred to by the Teaching Day work stream to inform decision making and identify areas requiring further investigation. Themes raised in the feedback were presented to the Future Workplaces Project Board, Senate and VCEG to raise awareness among senior management of the sort of opinion that the community has expressed.  Recommendations were made through the usual University governance channels.

Open meetings for students and staff took place in November 2014 - February 2015 to discuss the changes and ensure issues raised were addressed in the run up to imlementation. 

Frequently Asked Questions summarise some of the issues raised in the consultation process.