Workstyles work stream

The Workstyles work stream has been developing models which reflect the differing needs of individuals and teams and the range of ways in which we work across the University, in order to ensure we have the right solutions for all.

Work stream outputs

A new space management policy has been developed which sets out the over-riding management principles that the University will adopt, in order to effectively manage and allocate space across the entire University Estate on all campuses and buildings. This has been through a long consultation process and has been now been approved by LSMG, CSAG, CSG and VCEG.

The Workstyles work stream has developed a clear approach to understanding the workplace needs of our staff, based on survey results and detailed interviews along with investigations into practices in the public and private sectors. This has fed into and informed the work of other work streams and has created an important part of the briefing process. The approaches developed will form part of the toolkit for reviewing workspace requirements in terms of space, technology and flexibility (read more about this on the Place work stream outputs page).

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