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Plan, do and review - the three underlying principles behind IIP

What is Investor in People?

Investor in People (IiP) is a tried and tested way of making organisations more effective by focusing on the development and involvement of staff. It creates systems to make sure staff get the right support to do their jobs well and to understand how their work contributes to the organisation's objectives.

Professional Services achieved IiP status in December 2006.

Why do it?

A large number of different organisations have gone through the IiP process since it was established in 1990. The evidence proves they have become a lot more effective as a result.

  • 80% of them have improved customer satisfaction.
  • 70% have improved their competitive edge and productivity.
  • 94% of their staff are satisfied in their jobs against 37% in other organisations.

What does it involve?

There are three underlying principles behind IiP: Plan, do and review.

Senior managers have to ensure the University has a clear idea of where it's going and strategies in place to make it happen. They have to demonstrate that they are involving and supporting staff to deliver the University's objectives and ensuring equality of opportunity.

All managers have to lead, manage, involve and develop people effectively. They have to give staff regular and constructive feedback on their performance.  Staff must understand how they contribute to the University's objectives and how that contribution is recognised and valued. They must feel involved in the decision-making process about their area of work.  Managers have to make sure staff learning and development opportunities are available. The induction process must help staff do their jobs effectively.

Senior managers must understand the University's overall investment of time, money and resources in learning and development opportunities. Staff at all levels should be able to recognise how this has helped them do their job better and how improvements have been made to the way the University manages and develops its' people.